About Little Beverly Hills Palm Springs, CA.

"Little Beverly Hills", Palm Springs, CA 

Because of the similarly named streets as Beverly Hills, this Palm Springs neighborhood which features 5 streets containing over 80 Alexander and a few Meiselman mid-century homes is now known as Little Beverly Hills. This small neighborhood is located in the southern central part of Palm Springs, South of Ramon Road and west of El Cielo. Built between 1957 and 1958, the area was originally named "Ramon Rise Estates" and sits in southeast Palm Springs nestled against the Mesquite Golf & Country Club. Built by developers Alexander and Dunas, Little Beverly Hills consists of approximately 84 Palmer & Krisel-designed homes on 10,000 square foot (100’ x 100’) lots. These midcentury modern homes sit long and wide on their quarter acre lots, with low or flat-pitched roofs, open carports and modest square-footages. Most homes also feature the standard Alexander 15’ x 30’ swimming pool and spacious front yards.

Little Beverly Hills Neighborhood Map

LBH MidCentury Modern Homes

Above: Some of the Alexander Construction Co. MidCentury Modern Homes in Little Beverly Hills...

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